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Learn on the job, building up your knowledge and skill, gaining qualifications & earning money, all the same time.

Parents @ AIMRI
Students Testimonials
AIMRI has given me a platform to reveal my potentials in a span of 6 months, while I was undergoing training in Naval Architecture and Ship Building. I got good exposure to learn about the Maritime Industry from industry experts. From the first day of my job I felt like a professional who can pursue success in Maritime Industry.

AIMRI is the place where each individual can grow professionally, personally and ethically. Here we understand things to its core. The quality of lectures and visual media training facilities exceeds my expectations. Here, we learn from industrial experts about present corporate trends in the Maritime Industry. AIMRI moulded for a career rather than a job and I'm proud to be an alumnus of AIMRI.

What I am today is the contribution of AIMRI. I am basically very shy in nature. From the day I started my career from this institute I feel that I'm happy, fresh, and special. I am now representing AIMRI,I'm proud to be in AIMRI

What I am today is the contribution of AIMRI. I am basically very shy in nature. From the day I started my career from this institute I feel that I'm happy, fresh, and special. This institution gives a platform for experiencing the real character inside you. There are motivational sessions, which will improve your language, courage, strength, and reduce stage fright. I am now representing AIMRI, and I'm proud to be in AIMRI

Parents Testimonials
My name is Parameswaran. I 'm father of Nikhil P.P. When Nikhil PP first came I didn't have any knowledge of Aries Group. My son told that he had attended an interview in a company at Ernakulam. I usually allow to make their own decision and I always entrust them to make their own decision and I always entrust them or their own purposes so that they become more efficient. As Varma sir mentioned he himself came her to pay the fees. I 'm a farmer. I live my earning through agriculture, as it requires more time I entrust with him all the duties. The changes I have seen in him, beyond doubt he has changed a lot. He is a day scholar. When he returns to home he always bring a package, it ,may be cake or at least groundnuts for 10 rupees. He has developed a habit to bring something to home everyday.It was usual in our family to bring something while returning to home and sit together and eat.If there is any issues we will sit together at dining table and discuss and if anything went wrong we point out it was wrong and he have the chance to improve on. He has improved a lot after coming here that does n't mean that he is bad .I cannot say he is bad in anyway, because he was brought up in that kind of situation. I have 100% trust in his ventures. I 'm sure that he will not go into bad ways. We have trust in him. Now a days after returning home he mainly speaks about AIMRI and how good the faculty is and what all things happens around here. He have mentioned about the parents pension plan in Aries Group. He had already mentioned it to me and I came to know much about these schemes when I saw the video. I'm very happy that aries group have initiated these ideas. What I have to say to aimrians is that they should have a positive attitude for the development of Aries Group. I'm very happy for the reason that my son got a chance to study and to find a career in his prestigious company.Thanks.Thank you all.

My name is Krishnan. I am father to Karthik. My Wife is also accompanying me. Her name is Ambika.I m working in cochin Port Trust. My wife is employed with United Insurance Co. I am aware of Aries Marine even before my son joined this firm.I, myself had wished to work with Aries Marine. But since I was employed in Cochin Port I never had the opportunity to work with Aries. But my son has fulfilled it by joining Aries. Speaking of him he was a bit difficult during his graduation from NSS Palakkad . Now on reaching here he has started to raise his level . He comes home daily and tells his mother everything that has happened here. As far as he is concerned I wish that my son continues with Aries as a trainee. He has improved a lot from his previous nature.But I believe he has some more to improve .And I hope that he improves during his job.With that I thank every member of the Aries family once more.Namskaram.