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Training Model

Transformation of a Fresh Graduate to an Employable Professional…! At AIMRI we believe in transforming students into employable candidates, thereby making them a ‘Ready to Recruit’ Candidate. This agenda of AIMRI itself makes us stand out from our fellow competitors. Employability skills cannot be acquired in a day or two, but it is a step by step process of identifying the inherent skills of a candidate and build them up. Our training model includes:

Training model includes
  • Identifying Your Skills:
  • Choosing the Technology:
  • One to One Hands on Training:
  • Soft Skill Development:
  • Aptitude Training Preparation:
  • Group Discussion Preparation:
  • Resume Preparation and Correction:
  • Interview Preparation:
  • Placement:

1. Identifying Your Skills

This is the risky and challenging process ever. There are actually two kinds of candidates: candidates having a exact idea about their future, career prospects and candidates with no idea and confused about their career. The first group does not need any type of advice because they are well known about their skills and they just want to improve it through technical training. But it is not the case with the second group. They should get extra advice and guidance to choose the better option. We will help you to identify your skills without any failure and improve it.

2. Choosing the Technology

At AIMRI, we will help you in choosing the technology which suits to you the best. Many of the students will be unaware of the latest technologies and its scope. Through our career guidance service, we can direct those students to choose the best technology according to the vacancies available in our partner companies by identifying their skills for a better career. This will help them to choose the best course ever to accomplish their career goal.

3. One to One Hands on Training

One to One Training methodology makes us one of the best training institutes in Cochin. This method is totally different from a conventional classroom training, because each student gets individual attention. This also helps point out the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Everyone has their own ways and pace of learning. There are quick learners as well as slow learners. Quick learners may get bored with repeated lessons while slow learners struggle if their doubts are unanswered. So by this kind of training it will be easy to assess everyone’s individual needs.

At AIMRI, training sessions are handled directly by experienced software engineers working at infopark, Cochin. They not only stick on the syllabus but also give new insights on the subject of learning. They adopt a step by step process by giving individual project works and daily assignments for students. This will help students to overcome all possible challenges in their career and prepare well for a reputed IT Job. Our trainers are more friendly so that students will be comfortable to ask questions and doubts at any point of time during the course of training. Hands-on Training is a way of learning technique by practicing the same by doing various tasks related to it. Here the trainer will guide students to do a task rather than giving a set of instructions to do a particular task.

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4. Soft Skill Development:

AIMRI also provides training sessions on soft skills in addition to the technical training. And we often conduct activities to prepare for GD (Group Discussion) and JAM (Just a Minute). We conduct mock interviews and will discuss the positives and negatives with students. Our daily aptitude tests will improve student’s ability to attend those tests in interviews. Our soft skill development programs include:

4. Soft Skill Development:

Aptitude Training Preparation:

Being the first Step of the ladder, Aptitude preparation is highly relevant as far as a job seeker is concerned. AIMRI has designed a unique 35-layer aptitude training program which helps our students to beat the competition. Topic based aptitude tests are conducted daily at AIMRI to improve the Test performance of trainees.

Group Discussion Preparation:

Practice makes a man perfect is the theory followed by AIMRI for providing group discussion preparation. Frequent practical sessions are arranged to make students comfortable with this process.

Resume Preparation and Correction:

Resume is considered as a candidate’s entry ticket to the recruitment process. It is being said that, the average time a recruiter spends on reviewing a candidate’s resume is 5 seconds and hence it is highly important for job seekers to seek the attention of recruiter with an impressive resume. Placement team at AIMRI Solutions will be helping our interns to prepare an effective resume.

Interview Preparation:

AIMRI has prepared an exclusive Training Module for Interview Preparation comprising of 20 Hours. This module is prepared by experts having 10+ Years of experience in Recruitment Domain. This will help our interns to get familiarized with general/common questions being asked for HR/Technical Interview.


Training schedule for On the Job Training Program at AIMRI is fixed only after confirming the upcoming vacancies at our Client Companies. This will make sure that an Intern at AIMRI will be landed to a job right after completing their On the Job Training at AIMRI. After or during their course period, the interns will be scheduled directly to client/partner companies for interview. Interns will be carrying a reference letter also from AIMRI Placement Department while attending interviews at various companies.

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